Saturday, July 21, 2012

Welcome All

I finally finished my new WELCOME garland after a few trials and errors – but then that is me – never doing the same thing twice and always reinventing LOL 

I found an old piano roll at the flea market and thought it would make a fabulous garland in some manner or other.  After experimenting with copy paper to get the right size and shape, I traced and cut the garland shapes from the piano roll.  Because it was vintage and had been rolled up for so long, it was a little tricky to cut.  I cut the same shapes out of card stock that was near the same color.  Glued and trimmed each.  Then came the search for just the right paper.  At first I thought to use pages from an old book but they were too close to the same color as the piano roll paper.  I found a dark patterned paper at the craft store and a fabulous, free script on the internet and went to work.  Once those were glued on, punched two holes at the top of each garland piece, used some Tim Holtz safety pins, fastened each piece to a length of cotton cording, and I was all set.  Now I had something in mind besides cotton cording and was just trying it out, but Mr. J. liked the cording – said it looked “rustic” LOL, so I just kept it up as it was.

The whole purpose of this garland against the fake slate stones of my fireplace was so that the three wonderful obsidian wind chimes I had hanging from the bottom of the mantel would show up better in front of the light colored garland.  Once I had the garland up though, it just wasn’t working for me so I moved the wind chimes to a perfect and much better spot in the dining room.  The wind chimes are fabulous – I found them at an art show in Atlanta.  You can see them at ObsidianWindchimes.  They are all made of things found in nature and each has chimes made of obsidian.  This husband and wife artist team does wonderful work!
Hope you are all staying cool and having a wonderful summer!