Sunday, March 25, 2012

Peas and Carrots, Oh My!

As I sit here with zuchinni/banana/pineapple/pecan muffins scenting the air, feeling a little puny today (I can't be catching anything because I have to teach four days this week), maybe I need to eat my peas and carrots!  Well they aren't quite there yet but they ARE growing - and not a weed in sight - yea!!!

No peas and carrots on the menu for dinner tonight but I did make it to the international farmer's market today and have fresh filled pasta, corn on the cob, pole beans, and mushrooms in mind (oh and one of those muffins) - yum!

What a beautiful weekend we've had in Georgia - sunny, breezy, and in the 70s - just right.

Friday, March 16, 2012

A Giveaway

OK we have a winner(s).  I truly appreciate everyone's guesses - I wouldn't have gotten it right if I hadn't already known what it was LOL  Here in Georgia starting right about now and lasting until about the beginning of June, we have yellow pollen so thick on our cars, yards, porches, and anything outside that it changes the colors totally.  I think if I went out in my yard and stood there for an hour I'd be covered LOLOLOL  That picture was a closeup of a portion of the hood of my car about one hour after I got home from North Carolina yesterday.  And it rained and cleaned my car on the way up and way home.  So you can imagine what that car looks like today!  LOL  I think the ring you see in the middle might be a reflection of my camera lens.  Because the two Debby/Debbie's fought the valiant guessing game with such good guesses, they both win.  Debby will win the bird pictured.  Debbie will win another birdy that I hope she likes just as well.  And for good measure I'm sending Linda a little surprise too.  So I'll email you and I'll need you to send me your snail mail addys.  Thanks for playing!

Bwahahahahahahahaha!  Nope, not giving away what's in the picture.  But it IS a clue.  Whoever guesses right first in comments, wins a little prize from me. 

I made some sweet birds and this one will go to the winner.   Hand sewn and embroidered with vintage lace, buttons, tinsel, and pipe cleaners and a really cool bead.

So come on people - make those comments!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Third Time's The Charm???

And so she tries again.  First year had a handful of beans and a few tomatoes, lots of peppers (which I don't eat - at least the hot ones) and little else.  Second year a few cherry tomatoes, more peppers, and pretty much nothing else.  This year I'm bound and determined that I'll have something to show for my garden!  Yard boy made a raised bed container

out of the top of an old picnic table and some pressed wood (which probably won't last one season but we'll see). Two more made of pallets will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks (I hope).  I mixed and mixed and mixed bags of mushroom compost, potting soil, vermiculite, bullshit steer manure, and peat moss - nice light soil.

And then I planted. Onions yesterday - sweet Georgia yellow. And today nasturtiums, peas, and carrots. Of course I can't just plant the regular types of things - have to be those fancy schmancy seeds from Seed Savers. The carrots look like radishes on the package and are called Paris Market - oui oui. The peas are called Tom Thumb and evidently are very small - the plants that is. The nasturtiums are called Ladybird and should be very pretty if they grow - nice looking in salads.

So...after all that planting I decided that they should have some water. Nice wet water...wait for it...where were the seed packets with the rest of the seeds in them???  Oh yes, folded over ever so nicely and sitting right up against the end of the raised bed.  Uhm nicely watered too.  Luckily not so wet that I couldn't pour them out of the bags into nice dry plastic bags.  LOL

Hope that's not an omen of things to come (or not come as it may be) LOLOLOL