Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day, Green Paint, and Roto-Rooter

Happy Memorial Day everyone.  May all those who served our country be blessed.  And may all those who died for our country be remembered and honored.

Green - Green Tea Latte to be exact - is now the color of my studio.  I've been going to move everything out and repaint for ages and finally decided this was the weekend.  Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, and freshness.  Green has great healing power. It is the most restful color for the human eye; it can improve vision. Green suggests stability and endurance. 

And finally three cheers for Roto-Rooter.  When I began doing laundry yesterday, I heard these really strange gurgling sounds in the Queen's throne and bathing chamber LOL.  Oh no - we have backup!  And, as I discovered to my horror after downing a whole soda - no thrones for several hours.   MickeyD - thanks for the bathroom and sorry I didn't make a purchase.  And yea to the Roto-Rooter man who managed to jet out our pipes - evidently roots were beginning to make their way in.

Untie a ribbon in your life – you might find an adventure!

Monday, May 24, 2010

A New (To Me) Treasure Trove

Saturday a friend and I went to Antiques In Old Town in Lilburn, GA and oh my gosh, what treasures there were!  Including the owner, Rowann, who was such a charming lady.

I'm telling you, I could have spent way more time (if I hadn't been hungry for lunch) and lots more money (if I'd had it) - this place is a true treasure trove of wonderfulness!    Rooms and rooms and rooms of antiques, treasures, finely crafted wares, treasures, and oh yes, did I mention treasures?    I was lucky enough to find this beautiful lace - I was down to my last little snippets and this will replenish my lace cache nicely.

And this fine old collar.  Recently I saw a great idea for re-purposing these collars so stay tuned to see what I do with this one!

Rowann and her husband, Hugh, are restoring the top floor of the building as a home and we were gifted with a tour.  Oh my, Rowann just HAS the decorating touch!  There was a cute little guest 'room' at the end of the hall with such an inviting looking and snug bed that you just wanted to crawl right in.  And the kitchen and pantry were to die for!  I'm hoping we get another tour when they are finished because it's going to be a fabulous home!

Then we went to lunch at this great Mexican restaurant, Taqueria Los Hermanos at Killian Hill Crossing Plaza in Lilburn, GA.  Now I like Mexican but don't like spicy - so usually there isn't much I can order and I never touch the salsa and chips.  Well let me tell you - I could actually eat and enjoy their salsa.  And the food was so different from your 'normal run of the mill' Mexican restaurant.  Really delicious!

Thank you so much Gloria Primbody for the day out.  I really needed it - it restored and refreshed me so much.  You are a true friend! 

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Funky Junk Interiors is a really creative website I just found and her Friday blog was all about using ladders in decorating.  Her whole blog is full of fun decorating that she and other bloggers share.  If you like repurposing - you MUST go and see!  Here's one of many ladders that I've decorated with over the years - this one is in the master bedroom and holds a few Santas from my husband's collection.

Untie a ribbon in your life – you might find an adventure!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


A nest is a place of refuge to hold an animal’s eggs and/or provide a place to live or raise offspring. They are usually made of some organic materials such as twigs, grass, and leaves.

How appropriate that my beautiful bird’s nest from Vicki of 2 Bags Full came this week. A week in which I’ve done a lot of thinking about nests – human nests – and what makes us long for our nest when we can’t be in it. Is it because we feel so comfortable there? In familiar surroundings with all of the things we love nearby? Do we feel safe there? It should be our place where nothing bad happens – we are protected from the world outside the door. When we near the end of our lives, do we just wish to die in a familiar place where we are comfortable? Preferably with a loved one holding our hand as we pass from one world to the other?

As my step-father lies in a hospital bed several hours away from his ‘nest’ and talks about wanting to go home – “Maybe they will let me out of here tomorrow – I’m going to talk them into it.” he says hopefully – and I have to tell him no, you won’t be going yet – maybe next week – not telling him the whole truth yet – that he will not be going home but into a rehabilitation center for awhile first. Not telling him yet that he will need another operation in order to stay alive even for a few more years. Knowing that he will put up a fight and insist on going home even though he will not be able to take care of himself – and there is no one who can stay there with him. Dreading that I will have to be firm with him – stripping him of just that much more of his dignity and independence. My mind is crying out, “It isn’t fair, not to me and certainly not to him!” But I guess as they say – life isn’t fair, it’s just there to be got through. And we must somehow find spots of joy in each day in order to survive it all.

One of my spots of joy this week was the wonderfully creative bird’s nest with two tiny blue eggs inside made by Vicki. Every type and color of fiber under the rainbow is in this nest. One day it will have a more graceful branch to live on but for now, this one will have to do. You may see much better pictures of Vicki's knitted nests on her blog .  I hope it brings you a spot of joy!

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Magaly Ohika of the Itsy Bitsy Spill

Last month I discovered a new  blog and just have to share it with you.  Magaly Ohika of the Itsy Bitsy Spill is a painter and and mixed media collage artist who has a very unique style. If I saw any of her paintings, I'd know exactly that it was created by Magaly.  I fell in love with her whimsical style and decided that it was time to begin filling that wall over my living room sofa.  The colors are so bright and cheerful (they are a little brighter than my camera shows in the closeup) - and this one is called Wonderland.

Do go out to Magaly's Etsy shop and take a look - there is wonderful creativity in her work!  She is also featured in the May 2010 Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine.

Untie a ribbon in your life – you might find an adventure!