Monday, July 29, 2013

Fall, it is a coming!

Not that I don't like summer - although this has been a really soggy Georgia summer - my veggies have nearly all drank themselves to death...but today was just beautiful.  When I left work today it was warm but not unbearably so, the sky was blue blue blue, and a nice breeze was blowing.  All things that remind me that fall isn't far away and fall is my absolute favorite time of year. 

So many fun things to see and do beginning with Folk Fest the weekend of August 17th (which I KNOW is still summer but it kind of kicks off the season).  It's so inspirational to see the fabulous creations and wish I had just won the lottery LOL 

Next (still in August - yes I know it's still summer but...) a fun retreat sponsored by Miz Gloria Primbody up in the north Georgia mountains at a beautiful cabin made just for crafting.  Great food, fun people, and lots more inspiration.

Then a two week vacation from work - I don't think I've ever taken two full weeks off work in my whole life.  Not going anywhere but hope to get some things done at home that I've put off forever as well as a little studio re-do.  Oh and helping a friend organize her basement crafting area and organizing is right down my alley!

Then the beginning of October working a day or two at a local Habitat for Humanity build.  Sure it's work but it's really fun too - I've done many of them and enjoyed every one (except maybe for the one with the million gnats in south Georgia LOL).

And then the last weekend of October (26th) there is my favorite festival of all time - the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain.  You can find amazing creations as well as the necessities you need to craft with - love that place!

And going into November - another craft retreat (held by moi) at the crafting cabin up in the north Georgia mountains.  It should still be beautiful up there in early November.  Can't wait to see it in the fall!

So lots to look forward to in the next few months.  Now if I could only win that lottery!  Oh wait, to win you have to play.  Oh well...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pineapple Sage - YUM!

What a difference four months makes!  See the tiny little plant on the left side of the picture below?


That is one small pineapple sage plant.  All I can say is pineapple sage must love soggy, humid, steamy weather like we've been having since spring sprung here in Georgia!  Because look at it now!

Yes, that is still only one plant LOL  Since I can't possibly use that much fresh sage for cooking, I'm going to have to get out there and cut it back and dry the leaves. 
Pineapple sage makes a wonderful tea but even better - get some really great pasta (I'm partial to the fig ravioli from Antonio's pasta stand at the Grant Park Farmer's Market in Atlanta).  Slowly brown some butter and when all the milk solids have burned off and it's turning a nice golden shade, roll up some pineapple sage leaves tightly and slice them across so that you have shreds.  Toss them into that browned butter and they will crisp up in seconds.  Then pour that over the pasta and add some parmesan.  Oh boy - can you say heaven?