Friday, April 9, 2010

Drive-Ins, Diners, and Dives aka The Anniversary Picnic

Rosa’s Home Cooking – a tiny little place in Fayetteville, Georgia. Always had cars outside – we had noticed it often and wondered if they had good food – decided to try it tonight to celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary a few days in advance. Kind of an adventure in eating so to speak.

The first clue should have been when we saw the Christmas poinsettias still on the curtains. The second clue should have been when we walked through the door to the serving counter and saw cheap plastic ‘silverware’ and the kid behind the counter holding a styrofoam plate. Hmmmmmm, our main course choices were greasy meatloaf, greasy fried chicken, greasy barbecued chicken (and I use the term barbecued loosely), greasy chopped steak hiding under onions; greasy roadkill beef stew.

I opted for a veggie plate. OK now this was better. Overcooked cabbage, green beans with chopped potatoes, overcooked lima beans, some orange mashed stuff that could have been sweet potatoes or carrots, macaroni and cheese, undercooked collards… Ummmmm – I’ll have the macaroni and cheese, cabbage, and green beans. And a bottled water please.

The only thing that was even close to edible was the cabbage and I use the term edible VERY loosely. The green beans were obviously out of a can. The macaroni obviously had canned cheese sauce over it. Can you say NASTY???

I sat there drinking my bottled water (that said on the back “may be out of a private or public water source” – WHAT???) and watched as Jack sawed through his chopped steak and styrofoam plate with his little white plastic knife. Even Jack, who isn’t a picky eater and usually cleans his plate, had a good bit of the collards, half the steak, all of the onions and the optional corn muffin left when he was finished eating.

There was a complaint/comment box on the wall next to the door. All I could have thought to comment was “LEARN TO COOK!”. There were people coming in as we left and I wanted to say “NO, NO, DON’T DO IT!”

We stopped by Chick-Fil-A for a peach milkshake on the way home – both as a filler and to get the taste of Rosa’s out of our mouths. Happy Anniversary to us! LOLOLOL

Untie a ribbon in your life – you might find an adventure!


  1. Only in Georgia would the chik -fil-a have peach milk shakes!!!

  2. Lol; there's an anniversary dinner you won't forget any time soon! I think I have been eating at Rosa's cousin's place up here.-)
    Are you aware that you're set up as a no-reply blogger? I would love to be able to answer your comments on my blog.

  3. At least you got good blog post out of it, right? :-)

    Happy Belated Anniversary!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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