Sunday, August 1, 2010

Help thy sister's boat across...

I saw this Tibetan quote the other day

“Help thy sister’s boat across and
lo thine own has reached the shore.”

It made me think of all the help I’ve received from my crafting sisters over the past years. Whenever I needed to know how to do something new, there has always been a friend to either guide me with her knowledge or we would muddle through it together. Those muddling times were some of the best and funniest!  Even if I'm not in need of instruction, just seeing all of the beautiful creations made by my blog sisters is such an inspiration - it spurs me on to create my own dreams.  And each time I pass that help along to someone else, my boat does indeed reach the shore.

Untie a ribbon in your life – you might find an adventure!


  1. That is a wonderful quote-thought provoking.

  2. Sweet thoughts, and how true. Everytime we are lucky enough to be in a position to help someone else, we somehow end up being the recipent.

  3. I have never heard this quote beautiful. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Well, Jill

    Funny you should post this quote and this sentiment, because I've been meaning to write to your for some time about YOUR helpful ideas and advice for ME about my first Show!

    So,,,,,,Thank you for your insight and suggestions! Most helpful! I'm getting things crafted/repurposed and spit shined..I know I have lots of time,,,but I really want to do it RIGHT!

    And,,,Oh my stars, the previous post was hysterical, I'm sorry I didn't get to read it sooner! My guess would have been Waaaaaaaaay off though! LOL

    So,,,yeah, Pet hair? Last year I repainted "this old house" with Benjamin Moore Paints....("ka-ching" because I DO not want to do it for a decade,,,,,and by THEN I may be in the Senior "palace!" HA!

    But I digress,,,,,,my hardware/paint store has a rewards program,,,,and because I bought enough "Ben Moore" paint to send Brad, the owner's 4 kids through GRAD school,,,,,I got a Certificate for $150 bucks,,,,,and,,,voila! Bought a Pet Vac.........

    Worke(d) great until my somewhat neurotic Lab chewed up ONE of the 3 filters while on a ten minute trip to said hardware store! Ironic? Ya think?

    Special order replacement piece? Months......The hoover isn't cutting it, so excuse the tumbleweed sized HAIRBALLS that periodically appear in doorways and to my $130 hot pink/ruffled shower curtain! Ackk!!!

    Geesh, if ONLY we could find a suitable WAY to use all that "fiber" in a craft project!

    LOL, Love you missy!

  5. That's a wonderful quote whether for crafting or life in general. It is just perfect. Thanks for sharing. What a nice thought on which to begin a new week...


    Sheila :-)

  6. Great quote, thank you! It's all too true, isn't it? When we help others, our own lives grow exponentially!

  7. I love that...thank you for sharing the quote!

  8. What a great quote! Oh so true too! Have a lovely week!


  9. So true so true. Eventhough I have just joined the bloggerrette sorority and world, I have found a lovely group of ladies. Please drop by and see me sometime. I have been papercrafting and blogging for about 2 months...dont know what I was doing before then, Smiles, Kim

  10. satellite have always been an inspiration to me! What we give away in the way of helping others comes back to us in ways we never expect! Your boat has reached many a shore because of your kind and generous spirit! xoxo (I'm working on joining the blogosphere soon! toes are getting wet in a private arena so I can learn to navigate around!)

  11. And it also reminds me of tying my 14 year old nieces kayak behind me in a rainy wind storm on the ocean and paddling to the shore . We alos both reached the shore !! tee hee

  12. Oh Jill you are so right as I could not have made it through these days of grief if it had not been for all my bloggy sisters God sends my way. Love Mollye

  13. Hi Jill - you are so sweet about the DVD (No. 1 Ladies ...). Would it be ok if I save your e-mail and ask you for it later (after I've read them all)? That is so kind of you to offer to lend it to me - I will definitely take you up on it a little bit later :)

    Kim Andersen

    p.s. the quote in your post goes with your kindness :)


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