Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Judy, Judy, Judy – Oh Wait, That’s Julie, Julie, Julie

Oh my gosh! If you ever have a chance to take a class from Julie Haymaker Thompson – you HAVE to do it! Julie is the most fun, giving, funny, spirited person I’ve ever met. She is totally supportive in class and breaks each step down so that everyone can accomplish leaving class with a finished creation. Be sure to visit her online store here Julie's Shop . All of the supplies you need and kits to make her creations are available.

Julie and Jill

On Thursday evening I picked up Julie and sweet Jan who came from Kansas City, at the airport. On Friday morning we drove to Stone Mountain to the Country Living Festival. Earth Angels was the first tent we hit and they had some fantastic creations. I was so busy looking at all of the booths that I forgot (as usual) to take many pictures. We walked into a huge open field with food tents at one end, Earth Angels in the middle, and some product tents (like Monsanto) on the right. From there we wandered on paths through the woods where all of the other tents were set up. It was a wonderful sunny fall day – breezy yet warm – perfect festival weather! I could have shopped till I dropped but contained myself and found a wonderful little prim bird as well as a great tatted piece of lace in the Earth Angels tent.

On Saturday we learned how to make When You Come To The Edge . It was so much fun – I think everyone finished except me – when you’re hosting a class there are some things that have to be done other than class. But mine is mostly done except for putting it all together so when it’s finished, I’ll post a picture. And of course me, being an “out of the box rebel”, I had to do something just a little different LOL

On Sunday it was on to Roley Poley and I was able to finish mine and wore it to work yesterday. Each person’s necklace turned out a little different – Ashley put a wee tiny monocle on her creation and it was so cute! Once again, the classes were so much fun that I mostly forgot to take pictures, but here are a few for you to enjoy.






Monday morning it was off to the airport – I really wish that Julie and Jan could have stayed all week! That would have been so much more fun than going back to work LOL

My friend, Beverly, who took both classes, brought her wonderful bracelets for show and sale.  I was so lucky that she gifted me with one.  They are beautiful and very comfortable to wear. 

She doesn’t have an Etsy shop – yet.  But if you are interested, just contact me through my email and I’ll be glad to have her contact you.


  1. Do you know how lucky you are to go to that show? I do the decorating is cause I can't say no.I have been doing this house so many years. Her house is so big she needs help and is so good to me. Laura Q

  2. How fun does that look??? I would have LOVED to go to that too Jill!!Looks like a great class!

    My first Show WAS big fun and I learned a LOT too!Thanks for your sweet comment on my booth.

    Joyworks Gals "did" my Birthday last should read, if you didn't, what they put me and Rita,,,my co-Birthday/co-worker through!

    Two weeks to get the house cleaned, my studio back in order and then off to Silver Bella!

    I got my Airline tickets today and it made me think of MARCH! Too fun, look forward to planning that visit with you! Time Flies!

    Hugs and Love you to Pieces!

    (Shew,,,fun to finally have a BIT of time to catch up!)

  3. Jill, I live down the road from Stone Mountain, and the first I heard of this festival was in one of your earlier posts! Can't believe it. It sounds like a great weekend - I will have to check this out.
    It seems that October is full of festivals - more than one can attend.

  4. Dang I wish I had planned to go. But it's busy season !!!! and I snuck off to Virginia for a week soooo ... I'm glad you had a good time


  5. I LOVE JULIE TOO! SHe was an instructor at one of the Artistic Affaires I attended and was TOO STINKIN CUTE!
    Very fun! I love art camps . . .
    :) Karen

  6. Hi Jill...thanks for visiting my blog, and your sweet comments!
    We always go to the CL show in Columbus, it is awesome. It's hard to take it all in, and even harder to put into words! your classes look like a lot of fun!

  7. Jill! This is Marcy from Julie Haymaker's class a couple of weeks ago. I made a thank-you card for you and have lost your address. I apologize for being so late, but have been searching for your address for days. Could you please send it to me? Thanks.


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