Monday, March 28, 2011

Peachy Keen

Since I’m a Gawga peach (well not really but I’ve lived here for almost 42 years so that counts)…here is what my yard boy – better known as Jack – did a week ago.  We went to our local nursery to get some dirt – and of course couldn’t resist a few plants too.  He always goes for the big stuff so of course he was looking for another tree to plant in our already over-crowded front yard.  But hey, he’s the yard boy so he’s in charge LOL  We saw these pretty little dwarf Bonfire Patio Peach trees.  Gorgeous bright pink flowers.  So we add one to the mix and go to load up the truck.  And being a truck, and since it’s my truck and I drive when we go anywhere in it, and since my legs are short and I have to pull the bench seat up so the passenger’s knees are at their chin…there was no chance Jack was going to hold that peach tree on his lap.  So off comes his shirt and he buttons it around the peach tree – looks like some weird kind of scarecrow!  But by gosh, most of the flowers are still on that tree when we arrive home.  I just couldn’t pass up a before and after picture of this trip!

Now the tag on this peach says “Pinkish-white flowers in spring.  Delicious white fleshed freestone fruit in late summer.  Prized for its beautiful burgundy leaves and compact growth habit.”  But when I went on the internet to look up a little more information – every single reference said “inedible hard fruit”.  Anyone know the scoop on these trees?  If you do, please share it with me.  Have a peachy week!


  1. Yes, it does look like a peachy keen scarecrow, but look at all the flowers on the stems...beautiful.
    If the fruit is inedible maybe the birds can nibble at it anyway.

  2. Oh Jill honey I was really getting excited reading this about your peach tree until you mentioned the internet scoop. I hope that is not right.
    Funny story how you got it home Memories already being made with this tree. I still think I would love to have one even if I could not eat the peaches. If I find anything out about this I will of course let you know.
    Thanks honey for making me feel like I can do it tomorrow. Knowing I have friends like you cheering me on will be a big help.
    Love ya

  3. sorry Jill I cant help you with whether your peach is edible, but thought you'd have a laugh at my UK trials at keeping a patio peach tree alive in our climate ....over winter it wore a jumper and was blown from one side of the garden to the other like a boat in high did survive and then I had to spray it with some blue stuff to stop leaf curl(who knew!!) and now its got pink flowers and electric blue branches....I never realised how high maintenance you Georgia peaches were lol and if I get fruit off mine, I'm gonna eat my hat!!! lol fingers crossed for us both xx Samm


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