Friday, October 21, 2011

Country Living Fair South 2011

I braved the very chilly weather and went to the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain, GA bright and early this morning.  It was as fabulous as it was last year!  Right across from the entrance was Earth Angels and there was eye candy galore.  Such creative artists and art - enough to make your mouth water.  Then on to the other 150 or so booths back along the trails under the trees...French Laundry Home, Mill Branch Bar Soap Company (with the most fragrant olive oil soaps and creams you can imagine - Ginger Lime was the one I bought), Au Gres Sheep Shoppe, Barn Trash, Serious Whimsey, Farmhouse 1807, Necessary Excess, Sassy Trash, Splinters and Rags, Three Birds Studio, With Heart and Hand, just to name a few.  Oh and of course the food booths - the best of which was Annie's Baking - breads and goodies like you wouldn't believe.  One booth - I can't remember the name - had wonderful crafting goodies.  I found two clergy collars and they will be turned into crowns.  If you live anywhere near Atlanta, there are still two days of the Fair left - do go - you'll love it.  I'm already going to start putting my pennies away for next year!


  1. I have 10 family members including myself that are here this weekend for the fair. We are so excited. My sister and my cousin have a booth called it's all relative and they are having a blast! I'll report more tomorrow on our experience. Thanks for the heads up, we can't wait!!! Glad to hear wee
    Have so much to look forward to tomorrow!

  2. Sounds like great fun, Jill. Not anywhere near the neighborhood, sadly. Nothing going on around here...soo boring!

    Have great weekend.


  3. Pictures? I went to the one in COlumbus, Ohio this year and had so much fun. I only got to see half of it. I needed to go for two days.

  4. WOW! One of these days I'm going to the Fair, either in OH or Atlanta. It looks a wonder, Jill; so glad you enjoyed yourself and did something FUN for Jill -smile-.

  5. Oh my gosh - you went too!! All the fun people went to this fair - (but not me!!) So sad!

    Next year I want to go! Please let me know when you find out the date - and if you go - lets plan to meet!!


  6. I'm so glad you got to go, Jill! That's something I would love to do. Looks like everyone who went had a blast.

    I am still laughing at the visuals of those squirrels carrying red Christmas balls off to their nests. Do you think they ATE THEM??? I don't put anything past a squirrel. I love them, love to look at them, but boy, are they terrors! And the poor little guys here are being menaced by a large bird of prey. I saw him with his wings outstreched behind my fence (banging against the fence) probably killing a squirrel. He fished them out of their nest in some vines. Apparently, they make numerous nests so they can run and hide from predators. I saw one in the tree who had escaped, but not without being wounded by the things talons. I felt so sorry for him that I stole the nuts Mr Magpie was eating and gave that poor little squirrel a bunch. All that being said, I am not the Good Samaritan of squirrels when they want to move in and eat the house down. LOL!




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