Sunday, March 25, 2012

Peas and Carrots, Oh My!

As I sit here with zuchinni/banana/pineapple/pecan muffins scenting the air, feeling a little puny today (I can't be catching anything because I have to teach four days this week), maybe I need to eat my peas and carrots!  Well they aren't quite there yet but they ARE growing - and not a weed in sight - yea!!!

No peas and carrots on the menu for dinner tonight but I did make it to the international farmer's market today and have fresh filled pasta, corn on the cob, pole beans, and mushrooms in mind (oh and one of those muffins) - yum!

What a beautiful weekend we've had in Georgia - sunny, breezy, and in the 70s - just right.


  1. My sweet bird arrived yesterday. Thank you. Love the poem and all the special touches. The little heart on the back was so cute. Thanks.

  2. It is getting cool again, this week, so no planting.
    I got some flower seeds, so I can start them now and when my husband finishes the siding, they will be ready to put in the ground. I posted about my little bird, on my blog, if you would like to see the posting.


  3. Clever Jill to use raised beds! My garden is 1/4 acre. I ask you WHY do I need a garden that large? I don't but I'll give a lot of the stuff to older folks who need the fresh goods -smile-.

  4. Oh I love your raised bed. I have never attempted a garden here in AZ. Maybe someday.

  5. Hello hon,

    It was lovely of you to stop by. I wish I had a garden but I have a balcony where George and I are planting mint tomatoes and more. So is quite like a garden but small. I just have to keep my animals from sniffing around part. They love to eat my plants especially my cat. Muffins sounds yum yum. I miss my corn muffins and blue berry muffins too my favorite. Big hugs from here. Is way too hot here.


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