Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Presto - Chango!

First of all let me express how I REALLY feel about blogger – this new setup @(#9*@(*#&$$(@*&$*#(@&!  I had typed a whole post and all of a sudden it was gone and only my signature remained.

OK, enough whining – would anyone like cheese with this whine?

You know those unsightly cords that spring out of the back of every piece of media player that one owns?  The phone connections, the cable connections, TV to electrical plug, TV to ethernet box, DVD player to TV, and on and on?  LOL  Today I decided to do something about them.  A couple of weeks ago we managed to get rid of most of the cords by putting the ethernet box and cable box into the armoire that held the TV – although that was an adventure in itself.  The large black cable cord and the two bright green telephone cords were still left running amuck along the wall and floor.

I took some flecked linen and cut long strips, turning under both edges and then folded each strip in half and ironed the fold.  I just took one strip at a time and starting from right to left – because that’s how I roll – I simply put the strip around the black cable cord and sewed a large running stitch down the open edge.  When I ran out of a strip, I just added another.  This way if I need to remove them it will be simple to just cut the stitching.  One cord down, two to go – oh and I would only do this on cords that I know can’t ever overheat.

The two bright green telephone cords were next and I put them together into the strip and sewed it on the same way.  There are two ways you could do the strips – scrunch them up so they have that ruffled effect.

Or just keep them straight (if you don’t want to sew twice as many).   Mine were in between.

After I finished each one, I took small nails and making sure that I was nailing only through the extra cloth on the bottom of each cord, I fastened them to the baseboard.  Makes it easier to vacuum and they show less being on the painted baseboard rather than the hardwood floor. 

And they hardly show now!  Yea!  Presto, chango!


  1. Everything keeps changing,,,,,Blogger,,,,and Today,I got a pop up from Kodak Photo Share,,,,,,saying it was changing too,,,,,,How in the He** double Hockey Sticks do we keep up with all this "CARP" and still live the REST of our lives???

    Cord covers look great! Miss you,,,let's catch up soon!

    Hugs and Love you to pieces!

  2. Great solution to an unsightly problem, Jill. Can't remember what they are called but the cloth fabric sticks to itself...cords are a pain in the neck!

  3. Goodness you really solved a problem. Hate my cords showing I might steal your idea.
    Hope all is well. Don't know if you have entered my giveaway or not that Novica is sponsoring hope you can put your name in the hate.


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