Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pineapple Sage - YUM!

What a difference four months makes!  See the tiny little plant on the left side of the picture below?


That is one small pineapple sage plant.  All I can say is pineapple sage must love soggy, humid, steamy weather like we've been having since spring sprung here in Georgia!  Because look at it now!

Yes, that is still only one plant LOL  Since I can't possibly use that much fresh sage for cooking, I'm going to have to get out there and cut it back and dry the leaves. 
Pineapple sage makes a wonderful tea but even better - get some really great pasta (I'm partial to the fig ravioli from Antonio's pasta stand at the Grant Park Farmer's Market in Atlanta).  Slowly brown some butter and when all the milk solids have burned off and it's turning a nice golden shade, roll up some pineapple sage leaves tightly and slice them across so that you have shreds.  Toss them into that browned butter and they will crisp up in seconds.  Then pour that over the pasta and add some parmesan.  Oh boy - can you say heaven? 


  1. That sounds really good. I got some once but haven't been able to find any since, need to order seeds online.


  2. what time is supper? -LOL-
    Jill, could you freeze some in chicken stock and then throw the cubes into soup, stew, etc. this winter?

  3. oh my gosh---that sage loves the spot and the weather. Dinner sounds delish. Thanks for the tips.


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