Sunday, February 14, 2010

Polly Darton, The Queen Mother

Polly is the Queen Mother of the Fried Red Tomatoes chapter of the Red Hat Society. Today is the regional meeting of all the chapters in the Atlanta area and Polly is in a BAD mood! You see, Polly had never taken middle age lightly. She thought she had done everything she could to heighten her appearance – the boob-lift worked fine and she really HAD been trying to cut out the chocolate.

She had visited her favorite salon just a few days ago to get a new color job before the big meeting. But Mary Lou Bobbitt – her hairdresser for years – eloped the day before her appointment and was on her honeymoon in the Poconos – wherever the heck THAT was. So Thelma – the new girl – had to sub and just LOOK what she did to Polly’s hair. Polly should have never let Thelma talk her into that red streak! Thelma went on and on about how it would make her look so young and now she looked like a HOOKER!

And of all things, her BMW broke down just this morning so she had no way to get to the meeting except by hitching a ride on Pigtail, her Leicester Longwool that she imported from Great Britain five years ago. It’s a good thing Polly had sheared Pigtail last week or she would have ruined her best purple dress riding clear downtown to Atlanta. Speaking of which – where the heck was she going to park Pigtail when she got there? They were meeting first at the Margaret Mitchell House & Museum to take a tour and then lunching at the Ritz-Carlton. Don’t you just bet Polly made a BIG impression on all those women when she rode up on Pigtail?

Untie a ribbon in your life – you might find an adventure!

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  1. LOL She could be my twin when I wake up some mornings!!! Thanks for the laughs. Pepper Mentz


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