Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fishbone Studio

I have been wanting to stop by this pottery studio every time I go past it - which is every month or two on my way back from North Carolina.  Today I listened to my inner voice (which kept saying "you know you are missing out on something wonderful if you keep passing it by - go in, go innnnnnnnn").  So I parked the car, went through the cute little white gate down the steps to the cute little house, and opened the door to folkart splendor!  The first thing I saw, besides all the wonderful pottery, was this huge dog taking a very nice nap in the sun on the couch.  When Betty Wassmer came out to greet me, she told me they had gone to this farm without any intention of bringing a puppy home, and this beautiful Great Pyrenees was the result LOL  Up off the couch to sniff me and then right back up there to finish her nap with one eye open on me LOL  She was a real sweetie!  Here is what a Great Pyrenees looks like but this one isn't quite as pretty as the one I met today.

But back to the pottery.  It's a wonder I didn't drool all over the floor!  It was wonderful - colorful, fanciful, full of flowers, and birds and other motifs.  Some mosaics, some jugheads, flower pots, plates - I could have looked and shopped all day.  I'll take one of everything please LOL    I did do a little Christmas shopping (yep, gonna start early this year) and bought a cute little three story polka dot house that I can put a candle inside of for myself.  Betty showed me some of the new jugheads and other things that she is working on.  If you ever get to Blue Ridge, Georgia, you MUST go and see Fishbone Studio at 425 West First Street.  It's the street that runs parallel to the main street in Blue Ridge, on the west side of the railroad tracks.  You can see some of the wonderful pottery here Fishbone Studio   Blue Ridge is a charming little town filled with great places to eat and wonderful antique shops too.

Lunch with two good friends and pottery to boot - what a delightful Saturday this has been!


  1. Look in on Fishbone Studio and was thrilled by what I saw. I like mugs so I kept looking at all the different ones they had. Really unique. Glad you stopped there.

  2. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us! Amazing studio!

    Blessings to you for a lovely Valentine's Day!


  3. Hi Jill, You are the Winner of my Michael de Meng book over at Fruit of the Spirit. Congrats! Please email me with all the info on how to mail to you, Mollye

  4. I wish that I could see that studio. I love that breed of dog, and really enjoyed seeing the pic. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment!

  5. Hiya Jillybean
    Don't you just love giving in to those voices? What eye candy on that site.


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