Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Splendiferous Forest of...Well Come and See

We all know I’m not much of a gardener. No matter how much I try, my black thumb always seems to get in the way. I keep trying though most of the time I leave it to my garden boy, Jack. He loves the challenge of bringing dead plants back to life LOL Or leaving them to grow and grow and grow through bad weather, winter, and sweltering heat until they are so scraggly that I can no longer stand it and pull them up by their roots. Oh yes, I admit it, I’ve ripped those suckers right outta the ground and thrown hidden them wrapped in paper in the garbage. You see, if I put them into the pile of leaves and branches waiting to go to the dump, he might retrieve them for another go around.

So late in the fall we planted some already overly large ornamental cabbage in a large metal washtub next to our garage. They were green and purple and lovely, as long as you kept the bottom leaves trimmed. Then came the first frosts, the ice storm, some snow, and even though I would eyeball them when I’d pull in the driveway, I never yanked them out. A couple of months ago I noticed the stalks (yes they were getting just a wee bit horribly straggly) had tiny pink somethings on them. Our first warm day made those somethings burst out all over and now we have a wonderful forest of ornamental cabbage. Tiny little, dare I say, cabbage trees? It’s like a little fairy forest and makes me want to set up a tiny fairy house with a glistening glass pathway.

So just maybe I won’t be yanking this time – maybe I’ll just let them keep growing and see what happens in this splendiferous forest.


  1. OC's are so pretty but I have never tried my luck. I had no idea they could withstand the cold.
    The little pinks showing up on their legs - are those leaves or whole new plants?
    You may be developing a new look for OC's.

  2. I love your plants, I love all plants! Thanks for your visits and your kind comments, I really appreciate that!

  3. such cool colours...I can feel some inspiration coming on....oh and I hope the colds getting better luvie xx Samm

  4. Those are so pretty. I wish I could grow things, but I too have a black thumb. I'm better at dusting plants. hee,hee,hee.
    xx, shell

  5. The flowers are wonderful, and thanks for sharing.

  6. It is something how these plants were hardy enough to survive those temps and the snow too. Thank goodness you ignored them. lol
    I could see this as a fairy garden too.
    Hopefully it won't be long and we can have flowers blooming nothing better to see than beautiful flowers and plants
    Have a wonderful weekend

  7. I love those ornamental cabbage! Stop by and see Soul at home in NY.

  8. LOve them, their color is so beautiful. Lucky girl you are with Jack as a gardener.....

  9. Way to go Toots. I love your gardening skills, they are like mine. LOLOL I try and try to plant a good garden, but alas, it never turns out good at all. Hubby says I could kill artificial plants. LOL But you have given me hope. Toodles


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