Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flat Betty and the Halloween Ball

You asked for it... you got it (and Georgina won her in the giveaway)...another installment of the Flat Betty Tales.

Now Tweed Town was having it’s annual Halloween Ball at the Jim Bob Yoder VFW Hall and Flat Betty was determined to be the belle of the ball. You see there was a prize for the best-dressed couple and she just knew she and Bubba could win. Flat Betty and her best friend Georgina had gone shopping and found the most perfect outfit with just a dab of glitter that wouldn’t be too shocking if Betty happened to run into Rev. Flugle from The Holiness Church of the Sacred Glade on the way to the ball.

Flat Betty was at work at the Ding Dong Dinner Diner the night before the ball and who waltzed in but Mary Lou, her old high school rival. “Oh Betty”, said Mary Lou. “I found the most bee-u-tiful costume for the ball. No one will ever recognize me and I’ll win the best dressed prize for sure honey!” Flat Betty just stood there with her mouth hanging open because she hadn’t realized that it was a costume ball. On her next break she tried to call Georgina.

Flat Betty and Bubba were double dating with Georgina and Honey Hunk (as Georgina liked to call her boyfriend, Elmer Clyde Diggins) and Georgina could surely come up with SOMETHING. Georgina’s mother, Verbena, answered and hysterically told Flat Betty that Georgina and Honey Hunk had eloped to Las Vegas the night before.

When Flat Betty went home that night she thought and thought until her hair positively frizzed. Then she went out to her mother Maude’s big vegetable garden and picked a beautiful pumpkin. Why I’ll just carve that sucker out and wear it – it IS a Halloween Ball after all. And surely no one will guess who I am.

What she hadn’t counted on was how yucky that punkin was even though she dried it off inside…and also that once on her head, she couldn’t get it off! And I do believe Flat Betty would have won the prize that night but her hair (which stuck out the top of the pumpkin despite everything she did to stuff it back inside) gave her away.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Thinkin’ too much can be bad for your hairdo


  1. Honey Hunk...toooo much! I love it! At least she had the pumpkin stuff for an excuse -hahahahah.
    More than I've got.
    A...nother installment soon...if you please ma'm.

  2. Oh Lord, Jill, now I have a new name for my hubby, "Honey-Hunk Vern!!" LOLOLOLOL I love the story and can't wait to get Flat Betty and put her in the Muses' Corner...thanks so much and I just love the story and especially the moral...just too funny!!



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