Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Blue Bath Re-do

Well this is very overdue but I finally took some pictures today of my blue bathroom re-do.  Nevermind that I had three stripes of color on the wall behind the door for six months.  A friend (thank you Michelle) helped me paint a month or so ago or I'd probably still have those stripes LOL  The color is Olypmic's Misty Surf and is really more of a robin's egg blue than baby blue as it looks in the pictures.

I can't remember where I picked up the little chicken and cart but have used it to hold paper cups for years - maybe it was World Market.  Sadly we no longer have one near us but I loved that store.   The mirror is courtesy of Hobby Lobby and the mirror actually comes out if you'd rather frame a picture.  And the crosses are new as of today and also from Hobby Lobby.  As a matter of fact all of their glassware, metal, and wood ready-mades are 50% off - wonderful prices - I could have gone crazy in there today!

 The cute little ceramic hooks under the picture are courtesy of Anthropologie (where I have to carry a drool rag because I love love love almost everything in their store).  The picture is a poster I picked up on Ebay several years back. 

The small picture also came from Hobby Lobby several years ago and the shelf probably from there or maybe Target.

 The shower curtain is fabulous and is courtesy of Target - I just love their housewares.
Oh and the rug - the rug is what started the whole thing and if it wasn't full of dog hair I'd have taken a close-up LOL.  It's a beautiful shade of blue with cut pile and bumps in it that looks like a tufted headboard.  Just love it and it came from Lowes.
Well here is to makeovers!  May you have a blessed week.


  1. Lookin' good GF! Thank you for your insight on "Getting out of Dodge!" Can I flood you with all the other expressions and euphemisms I don't know WHERE the heck I got but nonetheless use! Love and Hugs Shell!

  2. Jill, the bathroom re-do is fabulous...very soothing and I'm not a blue fan, usually. As to Hobby Lobby...LOVE THEM and so glad there's no one near me -grin-.

  3. Such a soothing color, Jill. I'm with you on Anthropologie - love just about everything in there! Your shower curtain is lovely and the rug sounds pretty too. I will have to check Lowe's (headed there in just a bit, actually) to see if they have tufted white ones. Thanks for taking the time to write and visit Boots & Pearls. xo Jami

  4. The pale blue color is beautiful, but my favorite part is the sheep picture. Nice make over!


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