Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Gratitude - one of two resolutions for 2013 - to find something to be grateful for in every day. 



  1. well, wow! Thank you so much for your lovely vivsit, and for this video message! How incredibly beautiful!
    Happy New year!

  2. An excellent way to live a life, Jill...an attitude of gratitude!
    Happy New Year to you and yours; be gentle with yourself.

  3. Thanks and for you a happy, healthy and creative and.....calm new year!

  4. Hi Jill, just over to visit since you are my Valentine Bottle Swap partner. You have a beautiful blog. I Love your headings and your header. I see we are on the same page with the Pink Scarf Project. I did the bottle swap with Molleye once before and it is a fun project. I was impressed with your recent post about your FIL as I had the same situation with my mom several years ago. Blessings to you.
    Peggy (QMM)


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