Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autumn Breezes

FINALLY - Autumn is really here in Georgia - at least for this week LOL  It seemed to go from the 90s to the high 70s overnight - cool breezes, a little rain, and lots of sunshine.  The perfect kind of weather.  So I cleaned out the gardens and out came the fall decor.  Enjoy!


  1. Isn't this weather great - cool nights, love it.
    Your autumn foliage is bright and cheerful. Love the little wagon, and I must tell you that I have seen chairs put out to hold flowers, but this is a first for me to see a typewriter - looks great, really like the whimsey.
    I did not get off to such a big bangs, but I did drag out 1 lone pumpkin to put on the front porch.
    As I go out the door I hope the lonesome thing will help remind me to bring home some other decorations.

  2. Okay,,,LOL, I need to come SOUTH! This Summer was a BUST! And Fall? Well not YET,,,,,I cannot believe this weather anywhere!

    Looks like you got your garden in shape, which is waaay more than I did this year!

    Concentrating on the Show,,,,,,,,then my trip to Nebraska in November.......After THAT I am SO open! Can you get away? Or would you like to show me a BIT of your world??? Let me know!

    Hugs and Love,

  3. I'm in GA too and so glad for the cooler temps.

    I've hung my fall wreath on the door.

    Welcome fall.

  4. I love fall! In Michigan it's been going back and forth between fall and summer.

  5. Beautiful Fall images!

    Hey, I love your new blog design!


  6. .....I'm going to start a campaign in the UK that all houses, by law,over here have to have a porch and rocking chairs, I am sooooo jealous xx I love your autumn displays too, you're making me feel a bit slothful in the craetivity department Jill lol
    love Samm


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