Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Gift Exchange

Tuesday night our rug hooking group has our annual Christmas party where we eat, laugh, and draw for gifts.  The gift has to be something to do with wool and hand-made.  Somehow I always manage to come up with something that ISN'T simple LOL  So this year I went with an appliqued wool box.  Chipboard pieces covered with wool and hand-stitched around the edges.  Then each is stitched to the other to make the box.  The button strings weight the lid closed.  And no, the tiny tree on top isn't hand-made but I need to figure out exactly how it was made because it's really cool.  I think teeny tiny ribbon was wound around wire and then made into a tree.  Or maybe the tree was made first and then they wrapped the ribbon.  No matter, THAT'S something for next year LOL    Oh and Santa baby, if you can find our chimney, I'd love a new camera for Christmas.  The side that has the Santa baby verse really is a fireplace with two tiny stockings hanging down.


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