Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Eleven 2011 Intentions

Good round number, right? LOL And these are in no particular order.
 1. Take better care of my body – our new company gym is opening mid-January and I will HAVE NO MORE EXCUSES since I’m right there!
 2. Create something new every week – that’s 52 new creations and some of them are bound to be giveaways
 3. Shop at my local international farmer’s market at least twice a month – even though it’s a 45 minute drive – heck some people do that and more every day to work and back
 4. Do not watch a single bad rerun or even boring new show on TV just to be mindlessly watching something – my honey is just going to have to play more Scrabble
 5. Find eight fun things to do with my four older grandkids during the year so we can have a couple of outings a year with each of them individually – not an easy task with busy teenagers and one in her third year of college
 6. Be mindful of every penny I spend – is it a want or a need?
 7. Make all birthday, anniversary, and holiday cards during January and have them ready to send rather than paying $4.99 or more for a card that doesn’t really say what I want it to say
 8. Make one raised bed planter a month and fill it with good dirt. They may not all be done in time for spring planting but in 2012 I’ll have enough to plant a REALLY good garden. Use the compost in my compost pile and start another one (now that I know that you don’t need a four foot tall structure when you only have maybe a foot and a half of compost a year LOL)
 9. Appreciate that I have a loving honey to tell the same stories more than once or draw out a story until you want to squeeze it out of him without rolling my eyes or making a not-so-nice comment
 10. Spend at least 10 minutes with each of our two black Lab mixes in my lap each day – yep they’re heavy but they both think they are lap dogs. And spend equal time petting my old girl who doesn’t think she’s a lap dog but loves to be petted
 11. I’m usually always patient with people that I’m helping on the phone at my company. Try not to say ANYTHING not nice (whether muttering to myself or any colleagues around me) when I hang up – try to realize they are doing the best they can and be more patient

Happy 2011 everyone and may you be blessed with your own good intentions!


  1. Oh,,,,,,Jill, I LOVE this Idea! You have some really great plans and Okay,,,,LOL GF,,,,,I'm stealin' your idea! HA! Of course, I'll give YOU credit!
    Happy New Year my dear,,,,,and Ackkkk! March is just around the corner...looking forward to planning our get together!

    Hugs and Love to you and Jack and DUH,,,the Fur Babies!
    Now you made me think,,,,uh oh! LOL

  2. I'm stealing it too... I love the idea of intentions not resolutions... love it!

  3. Wonderful post! Love love!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 HON!!!



  4. Wonderful intentions and I am going to steal this idea too! I am thinking I might make an intention board and post it over the computer desk.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great intentions. For the moment i only have one: say NO when someone assk me if she could order a bag. I hate orders, it kills my creativity!!!

  6. Jill, these are WONDERFUL resolutions! I think you picked some winners. They say it takes 21days to form a habit, and I think I might try to make some resolutions that will end up being habits like you have picked there.

    Happy, Happy New Year, my friend, and may it be filled to overflowing with blessings for you and yours...


    Sheila :-)

  7. Smart intentions rather that resolutions. To have a gym where you work is fabulous; no excuses.
    Reading all the things on your list as tired me out - I am going on break now.

  8. This is a GREAT list and you can do it all. As to other people, never have I understood, on so personal a level, to be gentle with other people because I never know what private hell they may be going through.


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