Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Santa Baby, Hurry Down The Chimney Tonight...

Santa, I want a bone and a bag of dog treats and a dog bed and a blanket, oh and did I say a bone?  And a daily ride in the car and a daily walk, oh and did I say a bone?  Uh, Santa, maybe two bones?  Whadda ya mean I'm heavy?

Aw come ON Shadow - it's my turn, my turn, my turn - I want bones too.

And Santa wants a bigger chair!


  1. LOL and you KNOW that is just what they are saying...

  2. Don't you just love a big ole lap dog.

  3. Too Cute! Love the Pic of Jack and the Hounds!

    I got my tree "fixed." Spent most of today decorating! Almost done! Well, at least with the tree, will post soon,,,,

    Hey kiddo, I've got a technical question, you can email me or just leave a comment on my blog....Don't laugh! How do I do a link like YOU did to the actual post of my giveaway so that people can get there without scrolling through my post to find it???? I'd love to know how!

    Love to you my dear,,,I was thinking about our meeting today! Ackk, Looking forward to it, especially with all the Rainy, Dark weather were having here and WILL have for months to come!

    Hugs and love,

  4. At least you know what they want for Christmas. It makes it so much easier.


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