Sunday, August 14, 2011

Giveaway #2 - Things That Feed Your Soul

Sorry gang - I spent all day yesterday shopping with my granddaughter for goodies for her sorority house room  - it was so much fun to be able to spend a day and a half with her!  So I never once thought about drawing for the giveaway last night.  But today that wonderful generator has, for the second week in a row, chosen #3 so I'll be emailing you today for your mailing address.  Congratulations!

A little bit of this and a little bit of that - bits of things that feed my soul went into this altered art piece.  For the background, a piece of wet-felted wool in a rusty red color.  Then a little texture with linen thread stitch stripes.  All manner of goodies then had to be sewn on - a vintage picture of women friends who look like they were having a really good time; a quilted cotton cloth tag (an extra I had from a class) topped with a wool flower and two very old hook-and-eyes; a piece of Dupioni silk outlined with wool roving and topped with a teeny wood bird and a very interesting metal thingamaboby - not a key but must have turned or opened something or other LOL; then a different color Dupioni silk that had been felted right into the wool, outlined with tiny rusty bells and topped with a cloth patch that says Oh Happy Day!, and a glass pendant.  And of course some wood beads hanging from the bottom to give it more interest.  All of this wired to a crape myrtle stick with copper wire.  It's about 12" X 12".

Leave a message and on Saturday evening, August 20th, I'll choose a winner.  Good luck!


  1. Such a great piece of art. I'd love to win.

  2. Hi Jill

    I am thrilled to be the winner of your wonderful giveaway...
    Just like to say a special thank you. ~ Julie

  3. What an awesome piece Jill! Our quilt group (six of us) will try wet felting at our meeting next month and I'm really looking forward to it since I've never done it before.

  4. Jill- Beautiful piece of art that you created. I keep collecting bits of this and that like you used in your art but haven't tried anything like this....yet. I liked how you described it in detail so I could see how it all came together and looks so well together. Thanks for the give-a-way!!