Sunday, August 21, 2011

Giveaway #3 - Got the Blues?

Gee I'm feeling kinda lonesome!  I guess that six months of non-blogging during my big work project took it's toll LOL  Well it was a 50/50 draw and Debby, you are the winner of the pillow.  I'll be emailing you for your snail mail addy.  Congratulations!

Oh dear, my camera or my printer download program - one of them, isn't working right.  Instead of pictures I'm getting something else (DCPs?) and can't download a picture.  So I'm using the one from when we had the "braiding around rug hooking" class here with Kris McDermett and I made the pillow.  Not a great picture of the pillow (or me on the left LOL) but enough that you can at least see the pillow. 

The pillow is hooked with hand-dyed wool in yellows, blues, and greens.  And yes it is as bright as it looks LOL.  Around the edge is a braid of hand-dyed wool in blues and greens.  And then around the outside edge of the braid there are tied lengths of a wonderful Italian wool roving yarn in various shades of blue.  This was the most wonderful yarn to use for many things and I bought many color combinations of it.  Unfortunately it isn't made anymore so I hoard it to use for very special things. 

What you won't see in the picture is that the very center of the pillow is loaded with all types and sizes and colors of beads.  So that will have to be the surprise when the winner receives it LOL 

Leave a comment (one per person please) and I'll draw for a winner on Saturday, August 27th.  Good luck!


  1. The pillow is almost as beautiful as you, Jill!
    Sandra, looking through the eyes of love.

  2. The colors in the pillow are beautiful. Looks like alot of work.