Saturday, March 23, 2013

Before The Rain

Well spring may be here but it's wet and rainy today and at night will still be in the 30s.  Could be worse - it could be snowing LOL.  Here is more of the "yard art" that was put in this week at the front corner of the house. 

My handsome and handy grandson, Andrew, built me a bird condo - well a triplex - for Christmas this year.  It's made of old barn wood with metal roofing and is very cool looking.  But of course I had to gussy it up with some bird bling - old faucet handles, pieces of copper flowers from an old hummingbird feeder, an old bent silver spoon - you name it - it's on there LOL. 

Mr. Whimsey screwed the condo onto a piece of wood and mounted it on a garden post with black wrought iron hinges.  Then dug a two foot hole (not a small feat in our red Georgia clay) and secured the post with concrete.  So the birdies should have a nice home for many years to come.  We also planted sunflowers around the bottom so we'll see how those do (if this rain doesn't wash them away this weekend.

Hope the sun is shining where you are.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Very luck my grandson would be upset that i added that stuff to his gift...You know we craft people can be touchy about us know when you have a birdie resident. :) Just lovely! Hugs!deb

  2. Hey Jill...good to see ya, but then, I haven't been around bad. Oh, I just love the birdhouse...great piece of folk it. Sunny out here in West TX, but along with the sun, we're getting lots and lots of wind with real estate, from Mexico and NM..who knows, maybe a bit of AZ too since it's going to blow in NM too!! LOL

    Have a great weekend and take care. My grandsons love that little doll and book you made...every time they come visit from Austin, they insist I read them your little story while my Zach holds the doll.


  3. Oh, my.........I remember when Andrew was a little boy and we were hooking at your house!!! Has it been that long? I love the birdhouse, and especially the way you gussied it up with your own special sense of style!!!!

  4. Sweet bird condo! Most of the snow finally melted here today, but I hear another storm is headed our way. I had a robin trying to get into my kitchen at midnight a few nights ago. It was snowing and the poor thing was freezing to death. This has been the coldest March ever.

  5. That's pretty Jill and nope, not much sun here; we're expecting snow all week long.

  6. love your new bird house-nope no sun here rain all day sunday turning to snow threw monday

  7. LOvely but I think my cat would also love it that's why I don't have bird houses. Here it's sunny already for the third day. But far too cold for spring.


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