Monday, March 25, 2013

Shams and a Mystery

OK, this has to be some sort of record - my energy this week overfloweth - more than one post in a week???  When I get going on one project it just multiplies! 

For weeks I've been looking for pillow shams to go with my new quilt.  Oh yes, I probably could have found matching ones - Tar-jay had one here and one there.  But I didn't really want to go matchy matchy.  So hunting for shams, looking at cloth, trying to figure out if I had something in my studio that would do.  Then I happened to remember a very soft cotton flannel blanket that was my mothers.  It was blanket stitched along the edges.  When I folded it and cut it in half, I only had to trim a few inches off one side and it was perfect for two shams.  AND matched the cream color in the quilt.  Seamed two sides and they were done.  Not quite staying closed at the ends like I wanted though so I just stitched up three pennies for each sham and sewed through both sides.  Worked like a charm.

Now for the mystery.  Of course you know what these are.  Or I should say, were.

But what in the world will they turn into?  Stay tuned.  The first one should be done by the end of next weekend.


  1. The pillow shams are beautiful and look beautiful with your quilt.


  2. Love the shams.........but I can't wait to see what else you are going to come up with. You need to loan me some cleverness!!!!!

  3. Oh the shams are beautiful and have meaning!!! You nailed it!!! I'm looking forward to the mystery?!?! Have a great week!!!!!

  4. Pallets are awesome and sometime frustrating to work with but OH the possibilities. I cannot wait to see what you make . Sometimes you can get pretty good quality wood off a pallet. I'm so happy to see alot of stores recycling them now. Hugs! deb

  5. your pillow shams are beautiful are you making bookshelves?

  6. Lovely shams ( i did not know that word it's the same as pillowcover?????) Are you making a new door for the barn??????


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