Friday, March 1, 2013

It's Almost Here and I Don't Mean Spring!

Seven hours and counting until I'm off work for a whole week - yeeeeeeehaw!!!  And I'm not going to read work emails once while I'm off - I can hear my workmates falling off their chairs laughing at that statement.  REALLY guys, this time I mean it!  LOL

My beautiful daughter and I are going up to the north Georgia mountains to a cabin on a lake for our annual mother/daughter retreat for a few days next week.  Antiquing, crafting, eating, relaxing - what could be better!  Hopefully the weather will be good enough on Wednesday that we can pick up my step-father from assisted living and take him to the cabin to have dinner with us.  It should be a fun week.

And something that is already here rather than almost here - my new sleep number bed.  After several years of my old mattress just becoming more and more uncomfortable, I decided to get the exact bed I need for me.  It takes all the pressure off my back - is so comfortable - AND the back raises up (as well as the foot) so that I can read in bed easily - which is something I do almost every night before I go to sleep.  I've only had it for two nights but it is supreme luxury I can tell you.  I WILL miss the bed while I'm up at the cabin!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week - spring is on the way too - trees are beginning to bloom here - so it has to be wonderful - rain or not!



  1. Your mother daughter retreat sounds like the most wonderful and lovely. The North Georgia Mts. sounds poetic to me. I would give anything to seeing blooming trees. Have a very lovely time. Hugs Judy

  2. Spring is even arriving here. On my way home from work yesterday I saw (through the snow falling) the forsythia blooming in a neighbor's yard. I can't wait! Sounds like you and your daughter will have a great time... hope you find something outstanding on the journey!


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