Monday, April 1, 2013

This and That Soup

This was one of those nights where I needed to fix a quick dinner because I had been painting since I got home from work this afternoon.  For dinner last night I had crockpotted (is that a word? LOL) some beef stew meat cubes with a couple of cans of soup (golden mushroom and french onion which makes a great gravy).  I had just a little leftover but not enough for Mr. Whimsey and I both.  So I made a pot o' soup tonight, it was really good, and I wanted to share the recipe.  It's one of those soups where you can pretty much put anything you like into it.

Into a pot I put a tablespoon of olive oil and then minced onion (1 small), celery (3 ribs), carrots,  (2 small) and garlic (about a teaspoon).  Sauteed them until they were translucent.  Then in went a tablespoon of Dijon mustard (it would have been a splash of white wine if I'd had any LOL), salt and pepper, about 1/4 teaspoon dried rosemary and about 1/2 teaspoon dried basil.  One cup of vegetable broth, a regular sized can of fire-roasted diced tomatoes, the leftover meat and gravy, about 3 cups of water, a handful of mini-farfelle pasta, and a drained can of cannellini beans.  So there you go - this and that soup.


  1. I would very much so like to try this and that soup!!! As well as the gravy you mentioned!!! We love soup at our house and this sounds right up our alley!

  2. Yum! My refrigerator is full of soup ingredients right now...lots of small containers of leftover veggies and a little leftover chourico. Love the way simmering soup makes the house smell so good, too!

  3. Jill, it sounds delicious; I really love those "pantry leftover" type soups. They tend to be so wonderfully tasty.

  4. Your planter is absolutely very creative and beautiful. Lovely in every way. Hugs Judy


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